Medical imaging for hospital apps

We are already working with world-class hospitals, integrating medical imaging into their iOS / android / web apps, giving their patients new ways to consume their medical data.

People need a diagnostic, feel safe and informed, be able to access and share their data, even having access to a Wifi hotspot is critically important so they can connect with their loved ones in the emergency room.

Hospital Groups are realizing this new reality and becoming product-first companies, as a way to connect better with their patients.

The biggest hospital groups in USA and Europe are already heavily investing on new digital experiences as a way to differentiate themselves.

Sethealth medical imaging technology can be easily integrated into exising iOS/android and web app, working even in the slowest phones. Hospital using Sethealth can provide mindblowing digital experience to their patients, allowing them to have real access to their medical data

Germany has been moving forward the Medical Informatics Initiative (Medizininformatik-Initiative), to ensure that, in future, each doctor, patient and researcher has access to the information they require. In fact, the European Commission is working towards establishing a electronic health record exchange format that is accessible to all EU citizens.

In the US, the Meaningful Use Stage 3, includes an objective in which eligible physicians must provide access to EHRs to more than 80% of patients, with the option to view and download the records.

PHI (Personal Health Information) is the most sensible data, much more than finantial one. At Sethealth we are well aware of that, and we provide offline solutions where no data or metadata ever reaches our servers. Our approach does not compromise their infrastructure, security nor privacy requirements.

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