The medical toolkit for developers

Create mind-blowing products for patients, doctors, students, researchers... in minutes.

Yes! we do that.

Sethealth is your end-to-end toolkit for medical products. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus in building the best product.

  • DICOM, Nrrd, nifty...
  • FHIR, S3, URL, IPFS...
  • Compliant HIPAA anonymization
  • Ray casting visualization
  • Compliant end-to-end encryption
  • AR

Yes! we run on that.

We eliminate needless complexity so you can get up and running in just a couple of minutes using the technology you love.

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
  • Jquery
  • iOS
  • Android

Yes! it's fast.

Our tooling uses the latest native and web technologies, taking avantage of modern GPUs and CPUs. Ray casting at 60FPS, efficient compression, you have not seen anything like this. Word.

  • Web Assembly backend in Rust
  • WebGL/WebGPU accelerated
  • Multiple workers
  • Memory efficient
  • Adapts to slower devices

Yes! you can customize that.

We don't want to make decisions that affect your product or brand. Customize every aspect of design and software functionality, that's our DNA.

  • Customizable GL shaders
  • CSS variables and parts for everything
  • High level and low level API for medical data
  • Low level access to the 3D engine when required