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General contact

📧 Drop us an email

Send us an email to team@set.health for any business inquiry, question, feedback, career opportunity or just to say hi! We will be happy to hear from you.

💬 Ask us anything in the chat

There is no time to lose! Ask us any question in the chat!. We will try to respond ASAP!

🎙 Let's schedule a meeting

Sometimes, written words get short! We want to know what you are doing and how we can help. We can also give you a cool short demo of our tech! Let's have a meeting!

Technical contact

🌐 Connect with the community

We are starting a new community of healthcare/medical developers! Join our discord community!

🐛 Found a bug?

Please open an issue in Github. Our engineers will appreciate it!

🔒 Report a security vulnerability

In order to report a security vulnerability, we provide a PGP email, check out security.txt for details.