Releasing OpenView

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Today we are happy to announce the OpenView initiative, a non-profit project that deeply connects with our vision of global healthcare.

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Let’s stop for a minute and think! Imagine you had a ski accident. Now you can't stand up, there's an intense pain in your knee. You are worried about your leg, generally you like doing sports. In the local hospital your leg was examined in an MRI and you have to face the fact that you probably need to go through surgery because your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is injured, and your knee keeps swallowing. You are trying very hard to imagine what is going on in your leg and want to ask another doctor to give you a secondary opinion. Let’s say you have a CD or a stick with your MRI images in hands and you visit a different orthopedist. He says his software is not able to open your image, so you two need to find another way how to open the images. Very complicated and time consuming. So many steps until the physician gets to the point to check your medical data.

Scenario 2: your MRI images are in a fully anonymized link, you can securely share with anyone. You can easily ask for a secondary opinion about your condition. Additionally you are able to see it in 3D so everything is clear not only to the doctor, but to you as well. Less fear, faster recovery.

OpenView was built for 3 reasons and I’m going to lead you through these crucial points.

I. User friendly technology

Having surgery no matter what, is a big deal. I think we all can agree on that, right?! We built the app with privacy in mind. We know, not everyone is a hardtech genius, so we kept it as simple as possible. People need a diagnosis. They have the right to access their medical data and to share it with their loved ones or to ask for a secondary opinion.

II. Fully anonymized

We built this app with privacy in mind. We know, most people have unanswered questions and doubts about the web. So let me write it out "loud": it cannot be safer!

  • This is an open source project
  • We don’t track any users
  • All data is encrypted end-to-end
  • Added data is anonymized following HIPAA and GDPR guidelines
  • All data and processing remains offline, until the user decides to share it
  • Decentralised storage

III. Decentralised and non-profit

OpenView will never make a business out of patients' data and we took extraordinary measure to ensure that. The data is stored using IPFS (Interplanetary Filesystem), a distributed network of storage servers owned by individuals, universities and companies. IPFS supports other projects such as the WebArchive, and massive datasets of medical images. We are looking for partnerships with universities and institutions that are willing to donate storage resources to power the network. Then, medical datasets will be publically available for anyone instered from big companies to students for free, 100% public domain.

OpenView is powered by Sethealth Core, our commercial product to help companies to build better healthcare products. Our business model is licensing our API for developers and consulting, not selling data. Additionally you can donate your own data.

Do you have an app and want to boost it?

Reach out to us!

  • Frontend solutions
  • First class support
  • We are experts of custom medical imaging and DICOM solutions
  • Our code has 0 dependencies

Do you want to be part of the project?

  • If you are a developer, feel free to open an issue or a pull request in Github.
  • If you are a patient. Just feel free to use the app, and donate your data anonymously.
  • If you are a university, we want to heard from you! We need your help to connect the data into actual research and progress. Please drop us an email to

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