Introducing OpenView Health

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Today we are happy to announce the OpenView initiative, a non-profit project that deeply connects with our vision of global healthcare.

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OpenView Health is an open source platform anyone can use to visualize their medical data without installing any software or share data with third parties.

OpenView Health allows anyone, from patients to medical students and doctors, to visualize medical data using their everyday computer or smartphone.


1. Empowering patients through user friendly technology

Patients are the true owners of their medical data, but still they can't access it easily. People need a diagnostic, feel safe and informed, be able to access and share their data, even having access to a Wifi hotspot is critically important so they can connect with their loved ones in the emergency room.

OpenView was built with the patients in mind, providing a free too, anyone can use to better understand and privately share medical data.

2. Make it trivial to share fully anonymized medical data

Today, patients do not have the control over they data, that they deserve.

  • Some hospitals have a very limited digital presence or not at all.

  • Some hospitals disclose only low-quality versions of the original medical data.

  • All hospitals lack of good user-friendly ways to present the most complex data, such as MRIs, radiographies, ECOS and computed tomographies.

  • Some companies have a conflict of interest regarding medical data, since selling this data is part of their business model.

Instead, we built this platform with privacy in mind:

  • Open source software.
  • We don't track any users.
  • All data in encrypted end-to-end.
  • Add data is anonymized following the strictest HIPAA and GDPR guidelines.
  • All data and processing remains offline, until the user decides to share.
  • Decentralized storage.

3. Decentralized and non-profit

Building a health product requires a strong ethical filter to discard bad ideas. OpenView will never make a business out of patients data, and we took extraordinary measure to ensure that.

The data is stored using IPFS (Interplanetary Filesystem), a distributed network of storage servers owned by individuals, universities and companies. IPFS supports another projects such as the WebArchive, and massive datasets of medical images. We are looking for partnerships with universities and instituations that are willing to donate storage resources to power the network.

Then, medical datasets will be publically available for anyone instered from big companies to students for free, 100% public domain.

OpenView is powered by Sethealth Core, our commertial product to help companies build better healthcare products. Our business model is licensing our API for developers and consulting, not selling data.

How to be part of the project?

  • If we are a developer, feel free to open an issue or a pull request in Github.
  • If you are a patient. Just feel free to use the app, and donate your data anonymously.
  • If you are an university, we want to heard from you! We need your help to connect the data into actual research and progress. Please drop us a email to

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