Enabling patient-driven products

Quick back story of how everything started.

...suddenly, everything I was doing, I was working on stopped abruptly. For 14 days I "lived" in that hospital of Kreuzberg, waiting for a surgery until the swelling shrinks... Keep reading blog post

Ankle fracture


We’re on a mission to enable companies build better healthcare products, while keeping the patient's data secure and private.

Traditionally, it's been a huge challenge due to the technical and legal complexities of building software that iteracts with medical data.

At Sethealth, we provide the right ecosystem to build your medical / health product. From the iOS / Android / Web app, to the database, storage and analysis.

Lets do something together!

Your medical data belongs to you.

It's not just words, we founded the OpenView Initiative, a free distributed app anyone can use to visualize and securely share their medical data for research.

  1. Empowering patients through user friendly technology. Everyone should have control and be able to understand their medical data.
  2. Make it trivial to share fully anonymized medical data. Allowing faster innovation in custom medicine, research and planning.
  3. Build the necesary infrastructure so people can anonymously donate their data for research. Then, open datasets are published for research. Open data for everyone. Eventually improving treatments and optimizing processes.

How can I be part?

πŸ’† I am a patient / doctor

We built OpenView Health, a non-profit project to help people worldwide to visualize and share their medical data securely. Spread the word!

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» I am a developer

We are excited to see what you are building! Join our Medtech community in Discord and tell us everything about it, we will be happy to help.

🦸 I am looking for a job

We are always looking for people motivated to have an positive impact on the health industry. Drop us a message, explaing how your skills can contribute!

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ I represent a non-profit institution or university

We are working with universities to provide technology for their medical projects, hackatons, students as well as a descentralized dataset of public medical data through the OpenView initiative. Contact us!

πŸ’‘ I represent a eHealth/medical company

Let's do business together. Contact us!