Announcement: Introducing OpenView Health ๐Ÿš€

Medical imaging and storage for developers

Integrate advanced medical imaging APIs, HIPAA compliant storage and FHIR into your healthcare app.

Designed for the modern developerโ€™s workflow

The healthcare software stack suffers from years of legacy, complicated formats, convoluted abstractions and nightmare licenses. We eliminate needless complexity so you can get up and running in just a couple of minutes using the technology you love.

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End-to-end toolkit.

Sethealth is an ecosystem of tools to build medical products. We integrate From the iOS / Android / Web app, to the backend and storage, ensuring you stay compliant with regulations. Learn more.

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Stay compliant.

We handle security, compliance and anonymization, helping you achieve compliance at a fraction of the cost. Dicom, FHIR, HL7, S3... No compromises.

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Normalized data.

The healthcare data stack suffers from years of legacy, complicated formats, and subtle differences with every manufacture. Sethealth gives you a stable battle-tested interface to build on top without surprises.

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State of the art medical imaging.

Integrate high-performance imaging into your app. Sethealth comes with geometry rendering, noise filtering, real-time shadows, MIP, multi-planar reprojection, curved planar projection... for CT, MRIs, Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging... you name it.

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Compliant medical storage.

We make it trivial to build your own compliant datasets and databases, as well as keep data for up to 10 years. We do all the heavy lifting with security, regulation and anonymization, so your company can focus on creating value while staying compliant.

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Privacy Aware.

We perform most computations on the client in order to avoid leaking PHI, and ensures all data gets end-to-end encrypted and anonymized following the HIPAA / GDPR regulation.

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Engineered with the strictest security measures

Our services are built on top of HIPAA compliant datacenters, where all data is encrypted end-to-end, in transit and at rest.

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