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Medical toolkit for developers

Streamline medical data into amazing products for patients, doctors, students and researchers.

Designed for the modern developer’s workflow

The healthcare software stack suffers from years of legacy, complicated formats, convoluted abstractions and nightmare licenses. We eliminate needless complexity so you can get up and running in just a couple of minutes using the technology you love.

A mapbox for medical products

End-to-end toolkit

Sethealth solves the hard problems of handling medical data, from parsing all kind of medical files, analyze them, anonymize, visualize, reconstruct in 3D, AR, traceability, encryption... We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus in building the best product.

Augmented medicine

Sethealth converts raw tomographies into amazing AR experiences, taking full advantage of today's mobile devices thanks to native APIs from Apple and Google.

Performance obsessed

Our tooling uses the latest native and web tecnologies, taking avantage of modern GPUs and CPUs. Ray casting at 60FPS, efficient compression, you have not seen anything like this. Word.

Always improving

Unlike most commercial solutions, we believe that a continuous delivery of new features and fixes is the only way to achieve excellence, forget about buying software packages, and long sales processes.

Fully customizable

We don't want to make decisions that affect your product or brand. Customize every aspect of design and software functionality, that's our DNA.

Offline first

Today's mobile devices and web tecnology can do things unimaginable just some years ago. Moving the healthcare complexity from the server to the client-side reduces costs and legal issues while improving user satisfaction.

Our vision

Your medical data belongs to you

Everyone should be able to understand their medical data, easily share for second opinions, or anonymously donate for research purposes.

Your medical data could save lives

Anonymized health data such as tomographies, MRIs and radiographies can be used at large scale to early detect cancer, improve treatments or even predict outbreaks.

Share anonymously for a greater good

Optionally, sethealth allows you to donate data anonymously, so researchers can keep fighting against all kind of diseases.

“Empowering patients through user friendly technology. Allowing them to own and make sense of their medical data. Making it safe to share privately, and get second opinions.”

Screenshot of sethealth app showing of a fracture case

“Provide the necesary infrastructure so people can anonymously donate their data for research.”

Screenshot of the sharing modal

“Build the tools used by doctors around the globe to classify and annonate all cases.”

Screenshot of a COVID19 case, showing pneumonia

“Finally, open datasets are published for research. Open data for everyone. Eventually improving treatments and optimizing processes.”